Route Details

Known as the perfect one-day ride, Cycle for Sight will provide you with a scenic and safe ride, and includes:

  • Four distances to choose from: 75 km, 50 km, 25km, and new 27 km off-road route
  • A 3 km route that can be looped by kids and families
  • Bike mechanics, EMS, and sweeper car support
  • Rest stops with energizing food, water and electrolytes

Route Descriptions

Ride with GPS

Closer to event day, we will share the Ride with GPS website links for all four routes, including turn by turn instructions. It’s important to understand that all four routes are subject to change up until event day.

3 km Kids Route

This route is great and safe for younger kids! Guardians and/or parents of kids registered for this route are welcome to ride too! Please choose the 3km Guardian/Parent participation type when registering.

27 km Off-Road Route

This off-road route is great for adults and older children who would rather cycle on an off-road course on their mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and fat bikes. The route takes you along beautiful nature trails, connecting park areas including Pippy Park and Quidi Vidi Lake. The pace will be relaxed with a group leader and a sweep in the rear to keep the group together. The trails are shared with pedestrians so please yield the right of way to them.

25 km Road Route

This route takes you through the downtown east end to Quidi Vidi Village and the quiet roads of Pleasantville. Then continue along Logy Bay Road and onto scenic Marine Drive to Outer Cove Beach. Dip your toes in the cold North Atlantic Ocean and return to the Start/Finish Line along Logy Bay Road and Newfoundland Drive. There is a rest stop halfway before you return home.

50 km Road Route

This route begins as the 25 km route does to Outer Cove Beach. Here you’ll continue on along Marine Drive and Middle Cove Road to the town of Torbay for a rest stop. Then on to Indian Meal Line to Portugal Cove Road and the town of Portugal Cove for the second rest stop. Head along Beachy Cove Road and return to by Witch Hazel Road, Old Broad Cove Road and Portugal Cove Road.

75 km Road Route

This route begins as the 50 km route does to the town of Torbay. Then you’ll continue along Torbay Road to Windgap Road and down into the scenic town of Flatrock. Stop for some great photos and visit “Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto”. Head through the town of Flat Rock and on to Pouch Cove Highway to the Town of Pouch for the third Rest Stop. Then on to Bauline Line and Bauline Line Extension, into the town of Torbay for the last rest stop before returning to the finish-line.

Safety and Rider Etiquette

  • You are responsible for your own safety
  • Obey all traffic laws, red lights and stop signs as well as railway crossing signals
  • Remember, this is not a race, but a bike ride that will include many visually impaired/blind cyclists. Cyclists will have various levels of visual acuity (not just those cycling second saddle on a tandem). It is important to vocalize your actions and keep single file to the right if a cyclist calls out because would like to pass you. Be courteous and share the road, with safety for all in-mind. Thank you!
  • Riding the route in single file is important, along with understanding the rules of group riding. Communication through hand signals and shouting is key and the responsibility of every rider.
  • Vocalize warnings and directions while performing hand gestures to communicate with other riders. This is especially important for riders with vision loss.
  • Pass on the left and announce "on your left" as you approach.
  • Do not make sudden unexpected movements such as changing your riding line, your speed or stopping in the bike lane. These unexpected actions can cause accidents.
  • Learn how to shoulder check without changing your riding line and know who is around you at all times.
  • Look down the road to see what other riders are doing and spot obstacles in time to react to them. Don't stare at the tire or road immediately in front of you as it can be hypnotic.
  • When riding in a line with other riders, every hand signal should be announced and repeated from the front to the back of the line.
  • Point and shout at obstacles in the ride line like broken pavement or a pothole using either your right or left hand.
  • If you were approaching a parked car the rider up front would signal to move to the left by waving his right hand behind his back to the left and yelling "car". If you were avoiding an object on your left you would use your right hand to wave riders to their right.
  • Pointing and making a waving action at an object indicates a loose surface like sand or gravel.
  • Stopping is indicated with your arm behind your back making a fist then an open hand with fingers spread wide while shouting "Stopping!"
  • When riding in areas where there is light traffic, warn riders ahead of you of cars approaching from the back.
  • If you have an emergency such as a flat, shout "flat" and get out of the riding line before stopping.
  • Take it easy and enjoy the scenic countryside around you!
  • Leaving the ride - If you abandon the ride, please notify one of the ride volunteers en route or call the number on your license plate.